1. PAPER COLORS: Products that include “Paper Colors” as an option can vary from the product that is pictured. The brightly colored, richly patterned papers used on these products are unique and originate from paper collections found all over the world. Like the products themselves, they are essentially one of a kind. Whereas the design of each product is as you see pictured the colors and patterns that embellish them will differ. This means that any piece from our collection will be uniquely yours.
  2. LEAD TIME: Every item we offer is made to order and each will require a slightly different lead time. We begin the process as soon as we receive your order and will ship as soon as it is ready. Each item is truly unique and worthy of our special attention. We thank you for your understanding.
  3. CUSTOM DESIGNS: If you order a specific item from our Custom Designs category you will receive that item, the very one you have viewed. In this case, if ordered alone, it will ship within a couple of days.