TERRY FAVOURArtist and Founder

The Teresa del Rito Company came to birth about 30 years ago in the arid, high desert land of Northern New Mexico. It is there that a unique rusting phenomenon develops on tin left laying around outside for the weather to process. Teresa found this discarded material’s exquisite colorations and lacy rusted patterns impossible to resist. This, coupled with the beautiful soul filled traditional art of the ethnic southwest was all the inspiration she needed to begin her own rendition of this spiritually inspired art. Her young son, Lorenz, very early on, found himself caught up in the same passion. Now, 30 years later, you can still find Lorenz and Teresa in the Southwest. This time, however, behind the counter or busy at work in their Main Street shop/studio with other members of their artistic family, situated in historic downtown Camp Verde, Arizona …or if you should miss them there, you can look for them working in their more comprehensive work shops on the Verde River where they also enjoy riparian, country living.

Their shop/gallery, appropriately named Main Street Studios, is filled to overflowing with creations reminiscent of the old and new Southwest. Every item is lovingly handcrafted. There is the “Teresa del Rito“ portion of the shop where you can find the items pictured on this site and much more. There is also the “Charlie Favour” portion where you can find unique silver and turquoise jewelry and beautiful leather work created by either Charlie or his son Justin. Both companies are still very actively wholesaling. Teresa and Lorenz want you to know they welcome both wholesale and retail customers to the Main Street Studios store front, as well as to this online Catalogue, to shop and/or place orders.

Handcrafted Folk Art by Teresa del Rito